pH/Oxi 340i multi-parameter portable meters

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  • Measurement of pH, mV, oxygen content, % oxygen saturation and temperature
  • Linear or non-linear temperature compensation (conductivity)
  • Waterproof protective housing
  • Easy automatic multi-point calibration
  • Automatic pressure and temperature compensation
  • Automatic change of measurement ranges (AutoRange)
  • Energy saving switch
  • Freeze measurement value on the display
  • Self-monitoring after switching on
  • Available in complete suitcase sets
  • Battery powered

The pH/Oxi 340i for measuring pH, oxygen and temperature is an affordable alternative to single-parameter meters when measurement of several parameters is required.

These meters are splash-proof and meet the requirements for immersion resistance.

Their advantage is high durability therefore they are ideal for field, laboratory and industrial tasks.

The devices are easy to use and can work up to 2,500 hours of continuous operation.

We also offer a number of case sets.


pH/Oxi 340i SET Kit includes:

  • Professional case with measuring area,
  • pH/Oxi 340i Meter,
  • pH electrode and oxygen probe of your choice,
  • STH 320 tripod
  • Accessories for calibration and maintenance

Technical specifications of the model:

Technical specifications pH/Oxi 340i
The parameter measured pH, mV, O2, pO2,, oC
pH range
pH resolution
pH accuracy
Comp. Temp.
Od -2,00 do +19,00
do 2 pkt.
ATC (Od-5 do +105oC), MTC (Od -20 do +130oC)
Range mV
Resolution mV
Accuracy mV
Range oC
Resolution oC
Accuracy oC
Od -5,0 do +105,0
Dissolved oxygen range
Od 0 do 90 mg/l
0,01 mg/l
±0,5% wartości pom. mg/l
1 pkt.
% Saturation
Od 0 do 600 %
0,1 %
±0,5% wartości pom. %
Memory 800
GLP function Tak
Input Wtyczka DIN (pH), 7- pin (tlen)
Output RS 232
Power supply bateryjne
Auto-off po 60 minutach od ostatniego przyciśnięcia klawisza
Protection IP 67


Model Parameter Temperature [° C]
pH/Oxi340i pH, mV, 02, p02, oC -5,00 to 105,00