Portable pH meter Pro2Go

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  • Storage of up to 2,000 data points
  • Intuitive menus
  • Protected against water and dust
  • Data storage in external memory
  • Adaptive Calibration Timer sensor
  • Dynamic Lifetime Indicator sensor
  • Modern design
  • Possibility of mobile operation
  • Ergonomic design

Simple, robust and mobile pH measurement
For periodic pH or redox measurements, this portable pH meter is the instrument of choice. It combines high durability and intuitive operation, high measurement accuracy and diagnostic

Intuitive operation
The intuitive Pro2Go ™ menu provides an easy-to-use pH testing system.

Weatherproof and robust
For demanding measurements in industrial environments, the Pro2Go pH meter is the ideal solution.

Mobile access to data
This portable pH meter can internally store up to 2,000 data points and access sensor calibration data.

Versatile and user-friendly
The Pro2Go offers easy control with intuitive menus (in 10 languages) so users can simply take it out of the box and work, and the ergonomic shape of the meter makes it easy to use.

Durable for industrial use
A pH meter used in industry must be able to withstand chemicals. The Pro2Go provides IP67 protection against the ingress of water and du

Easy data capture and management
The Pro2Go collects measurement data and stores it in internal memory. It can store up to 2,000 data sets and the pH meter can be connected via micro-USB to a computer for data transfer and for power supply.

ISM diagnostics in a portable device
The Pro2Go portable pH meter is fully compatible with analogue pH sensors and pH sensors with Digital Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) technology. This means it has full sensor diagnostics, including Adaptive Calibration Timer and Dynamic Lifetime Indicator.

Technical specifications:

Technical specifications: Pro2Go
Measured parameters pH, mV and temperature
Type of sensor analogue and ISM sensor
The pH range -2 to 20 pH
Resolution pH 0,001 / 0,01 / 0,1 / 1
Battery life 200 to 250 h
User's interface Grapgic LCD Display
Recorder 2000 measurements (GLP-compliant)
Communication with the computer Micro-USB
Housing material ABS/PC
Protection of the enclosure IP67
Permissible ambient temperature 0 to 40 Celsius degree
Weight 290 g
Approvals CSA



Model Parameter Measurement range
Pro2Go pH, mV, temperatura -2 do 20 pH