Waterproof Conductivity Meter CC-411

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  • Measurement of conductivity, salinity, temperature, pH, redox potential
  • Waterproof housing
  • 5 sub-ranges
  • Actual conversion of conductivity to salinity
  • Conductivity sensors with platinum electrodes
  • Temperature coefficient α - fixed 2%/°C

The CC-411 is used to measure conductivity, salinity, temperature, pH and redox potential.

The conductivity meter is equipped with a waterproof IP-66 enclosure for easy operation in harsh conditions.

The device has 5 subranges, which are switched automatically.

Converting conductivity to salinity is done according to the actual relationship, rather than a fixed coefficient.

The device works with conductivity sensors having platinum electrodes.

With the help of a special sensor it is possible to measure the viability of tree seedlings through electrical admittance.


Technical specification:

Technical data CC-411
conductivity range 0-100 mS/cm
conductivity accuracy + / - 25%
salinity range NaCl 0-60 g/l
salinity accuracy /
temperature range -50,0 to 199,9°C
temperature accuracy + / - 0,1°C
temperature compensation -5 to 70°C
power supply battery 9V, power adpater 12V
temperature sensor Pt 1000
dimensions 149 x 82 x 22 mm
weight 220 g



Model Parameter Temp. Max [° C]
CC-411 conductivity, salinity, temperature, pH, redox potential 199