Thin humidity probe with built-in electronics

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- Measurement of material moisture content by equilibrium moisture content
- Slim design (Ø 4 mm) with remote electronics
- Ideal for tight measuring points
- Thin moisture probe with built-in electronics,
- Includes 4 included tips for material moisture balance measurement

A thin moisture probe with a probe stem diameter of 4 mm (connected to a suitable measuring instrument) keeps the opening as small as possible. During measurement, the probe should be protected from contamination by a PTFE cap. The hole can be easily sealed with modeling glue.
The measuring instrument (testo 635) automatically calculates the material moisture content based on the measured moisture balance and displays this on the display. Material moisture calculation is available for the following materials: concrete, high-insulation brick, solid brick, hardwood, softwood, aerated concrete, particle board, calcium screed, cement and lime brick.

Technical specification


Measurement ange of temperature

0 to +40 °C


±0,2 °C

Measurement range of humidity

0 to +100 %RH


±2 %RH at +25 °C (+2 to +98 %RH)

±0,15 % relative humidity/K (k=1)

long-term stability: ±1 %RH / year

Length of the probe 60 mm

Diameter of the probe

4 mm
Model Temperature [° C]
sonda 0 to +40 °C

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