Probe for simultaneous measurement of temperature and humidity

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  • Measurement of relative humidity and temperature
  • Measurement possible up to + 180 ° , for e.g. in drying processes or air-conditioning cabinets
  • Automatic calculation of humidity, dew point, wet thermometer temperature and enthalpy
  • Zero error display due to intelligent calibration concept
The probe can measure relative humidity and temperature up to + 180 ° C. Moisture measurement data is calculated and transmitted through the testo 480 meter: moisture content (g / m3, g / ft3, g / kg, g / lb), dew point, wet thermometer temperature, enthalpy (kJ / kg), BTU / lb , ppm and % volume.

The probe is completely digital and does not need to be measured with a Testo 480 meter. Testo's robust humidity sensor meets international humidity standards such as ILAC, PTB and NIST.

Protection against moisture is provided by a built-in stainless steel filter, which also protects against mechanical loads and high air velocities.
It is possible to monitor the operation and calibrate it on site if necessary 11.3% of the relative humidity and 75.3% of the relative humidity. Thanks to intelligent calibration, durability and invariability of humidity reliably prove themselves with the testo 480 meter. All measurement errors indicated in the calibration are free of errors.

The probe immediately indicates any deviation (e.g. The reading from the measurement made by it is adjusted to the deviation from the certificate), so that measurement errors are error-free. The set consisting of the meter and probe provides repeatable and reliable measurement results.

Technical specification Probe
Measurement range of temperature

-20 to +180 °C


±0,5 °C (-20 to 0 °C)

±0,4 °C (+0,1 to +50 °C)

±0,5 °C (+50,1 to +180 °C)

Measurement range of humidity

0 to +100 %RH


±3 %RH (0 to 2 %RH)

±2 %RH (2,1 to 98 %RH)

±3 %RH (98,1 to 100 %RH)

±0,03 % relative humidity/K (-20 to +50 °C) (k=1)

±0,06 % relative humidity/K (+50 to +180 °C) (k=1)

Length of the cable 1,7 m

Model Temperature [° C]
Sonda do równoczesnego pomiaru temperatury i wilgotności -20 to +180 °C

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