Testo 835-H1 contactless pyrometer

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  • IR measurement range: -30 to +600°C
  • Built-in relative humidity sensor
  • 4-point laser sight and 50:1 optics
  • Built-in internal memory
The Testo 835-H1 pyrometer is used for non-contact measurement of temperature and humidity. Thanks to the humidity sensor, the non-contact thermometer does not only measure temperature but also humidity.

The testo 835-H1 non-contact thermometer has a professional 4-point laser aiming device, which will be particularly suitable, for example, for determining the temperature of walls, ceilings and floors, or for work on heating and air-conditioning systems. It can also be used in industry to ensure quality control of industrial-scale smelted products or to monitor weak points in production processes.


- Precise measurement spot
- Accurate measurement from long distances thanks to 50:1 optics
- Built-in moisture sensor
- Selection of emissivity coefficient depending on the material
- Possibility to connect an external K-type thermocouple
- Convenient menu with icons and joystick
- Generation of measurement points and storage of 200 measurement values
- Individual alarm thresholds, acoustic and optical alarms
- Display of min / max values
- Backlit display

Technical specification testo 835-H1

Measurement range temperature Type K

-50 to +600 °C


±(0,5 °C + 0,5 % measured value)


0,1 °C

Measurement range infrared

-30 to +600 °C


±2,5 °C (-30,0 to -20,1 °C)

±1,5 °C (-20,0 to -0,1 °C)

±1,0 °C (0,0 to +99,9 °C)

±1 % measured value (rest of the range)

Resolution in infrared

0,1 °C

Measurement range humidity

0 to 100 %RH


±2 %RH

±0,5 °C


0,1 °C

0,1 %RH

0,1 °Ctd


193 x 166 x 63 mm

Battery life

25 h

Model Parameter
testo 835-H1 temperature, humidity

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