Testo 635-2 kit for measuring thermal transmittance "U"

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  • Easy installation of the probe
  • Integrated memory
  • Computer software
  • Evaluation of restoration measures
  • Possibility to create reports
The testo 635-2 kit allows you to measure the thermal transmittance "U".

The kit is particularly useful for quick analysis during remodeling and renovation of old buildings to quickly assess whether and to what extent there is heat loss through windows and walls.
In order to correctly measure the thermal transmittance "U" it is necessary to read 3 temperature values:
  • The temperature of the air outside
  • The surface temperature of the partition on the inside
  • Air temperature inside

The kit also allows the data to be visualized on a computer using software supplied as standard. Values are presented in the form of tables or graphs, annotated with the appropriate time signature.
It is also possible to read the results using online measurement on the computer, where it is possible to observe the table and graphs, complementing each other in real time.

The thermal transmittance measurement kit includes: testo 635-2 meter, radio temperature probe with radio module, probe for measuring the "U" value.

Technical specification testo 635-2

Measuremnt range NTC [°C]

-40 to +150 °C

Accuracy [°C]

±0,2 °C (-25 to +74,9 °C)

±0,4 °C (-40 to -25,1 °C)

±0,4 °C (+75 to +99,9 °C)

±0,5 % measured value (rest of the range)

Resolution [°C]

0,1 °C

Measurement range Type K [°C]

-200 to +1370 °C


±0,3 °C (-60 to +60 °C)

±(0,2 °C + 0,3 % measured value) (rest of the range)

Measurement range humidity [%RH]

0 to +100 %RH

Measurement range absolute pressure [hPa]

0 to 2000 hPa

DImensions [mm]

220 x 74 x 46 mm

Weight 428 g
Model Description
Zestaw testo 635-2 testo 635-2 meter, radio temperature probe including radio module, probe for measuring "U" values

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