AQUALAB 4TE water activity meter

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  • Quick readout
  • Accuracy ± 0.003 aw
  • Verified by independent salt standards
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Provides precise measurements
  • Administrative control over calibration and sample data
AQUALAB devices are the fastest and most precise water activity meters available. The AQUALAB 4TE meter can measure water activity in 5 minutes or less (average reading time: 2.5 minutes) with an accuracy of ± 0.003 aw.

The meter, thanks to its mobility, makes it possible to obtain laboratory quality measurements on the production line , receiving station, food processing, warehouse and in places that require testing and verification of safety. Internal temperature control allows you to set the measurement temperature from 15 to 50 ° C and use the device anywhere - even outside the laboratory.

Thanks to the unique sensor, the measurement is extremely fast and precise. The dew point sensor is the main measure of water activity. Unlike other water activity sensors, the dew point sensor actually measures water activity, not secondary parameters - only related to water activity.

The sample chamber lids lift which makes contaminants easy to remove.
The 4TE AQUALAB Water Activity Meter archives the time, date and recording information after each measurement and calibration and can store it - up to 10,000 secure data.

Secure access to data is enabled by administrative functions. Up to 25 unique users and passwords can be designated. Downloading and printing of data for statistical analysis and for storing compliance records and archives are enabled by RS-232 serial ports.
Technical specification AQUALAB 4TE
Water activity Range: 0,030–1000 a w
Resolution: 0,0001 a w
Accuracy: ± 0,003 (dew point 4TE) 
± 0,015 (volume 4TEV) 
Repeatability: 0,001 a w
Temperature Range: 15-50 ° C 
Resolution: 0,01 ° C 
Accuracy: ± 0,1 ° C
Reading time ~ 5 min
Case dimensions Length: 26,7 cm (10,5 cal) 
Width: 17,8 cm (7,0 cal) 
Height: 12,7 cm (5,0 cal)
Sample container volume 14 ml 
Weight 3,1 kg
Operating temperature Min: 4 ° C 
Max: 50 ° C
Sample vessel volume

Recommended 7.5 ml (15 ml full)

Power 110–220 VAC 
50/60 Hz
Model Parameter Options
4TE water activity, temperature dew point sensor