Water Activity Meter AQ1

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  • Automatically records and compares readings with predefined water activity specifications
  • Determines which readings meet specifications
  • Possible connection of up to 7 laboratory devices
  • Measurement of several samples simultaneously


The AQ1 meter is a basic water activity meter powered by SKALA, the most advanced food process automation platform. The price of the device is matched to your starting budget. If you're running a one-person lab, you qualify for the AQ1's single-user package, a configuration that allows you to operate flawlessly.

The HUB connects to any serial port. It collects data directly from instruments and records readings digitally.

The meter can be connected to sensors in the freezer, dryer, curing chamber and refrigerators. The meter allows you to monitor humidity and temperature in real time from your phone or computer.

Technical specification AQ1
Type of meter capacitive sensor

± 0,02


± 0,01


0,00 - 1,00 a w

Resolution temperature

0,1 ° C

Sample vessel volume

Recommended 7.5 ml, full 15 ml

Measurement time 5 min or less



Model Parameter Description
AQ1 measuring water activity, temperature capacitive sensor

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