AQUALAB VSA vapor absorption analyzer

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  • DVS and DDI isotherms
  • High-resolution DDI isotherms
  • DVS isotherms enable kinetics studies
  • Data automatically recorded and sent to computer
The groundbreaking VSA design uses a high-speed water activity sensor combined with a high-precision scale to dynamically plot isotherms. It passes moist air over samples and simultaneously measures both weight and water activity. It then creates sorption and desorption isotherm curves with hundreds of points in just a few days (about 48 hours).

Equipment commonly available on the market uses only DVS methods. VSA provides DVS isotherms, and also provides high-resolution dynamic DDI isotherm curves. DDI curves make details visible that were never seen before. They open up new information to enable more precise formulations, more accurate predictions and more complete product knowledge.

VSA includes intuitive, full-featured modeling software. You'll find all the models you need organized in one place in an easy-to-use program. Identify critical moisture content for glass transition, evaluate packaging performance, determine hygroscopicity, track hysteresis, predict coating failure, find susceptibility to clumping and much more.

VSA provides high-speed, high-resolution charting that changes the way you interpret your product. Dual test modes and advanced modeling software transform data into the solutions you need to produce, monitor, store and ship a great product.

Technical specification AQUALAB VSA
Isothermal methods

Dynamic dew point isotherm (DDI) and static dew point isotherm (DVS)


± 0,005 a w


0,0001 a w


0,030 do 0,950 a w


± 0,003 a w

Temperature control

15 to 60 ° C (sample chamber temperature; sample temperature is measured separately and may vary)

Stability of temperature

± 0,1 ° C

Sample weight range

500 to 5000 mg

Resolution of mass

0,5 mg

Water reservoir 20 ml
Dimensions 38,1 x 26,7 x 30,5 cm 
Power 110 V do 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Model Parameter Description
VSA water activity, temperature Dynamic and static dew point isotherms

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