Basic series deionizers

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  • Mains water supply
  • Possibility of connection to an autoclave, dishwasher, climatic chamber, etc.
  • Second class of water purity

The BASIC series deionizers are devices that produce demineralized water used in less demanding laboratories. The quality of the water obtained, depending on the intensity of the flow of tap water, is in the range of 0.1 - 0.8 µS/cm. The obtained water meets the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 3696:1999 standard, ASTM, CLSI for second degree purity waters. BASIC series deionizers are most often used as a source of water for climatic cabinets, water baths, salt chambers, humidifiers.

Technical data:

  • Power supply: tap water
  • LCD display 2x16 characters
  • Clock displaying the date and time,
  • Possibility of connection to an autoclave, dishwasher, climatic chamber, etc.
  • Conductometer measuring the conductivity and temperature of purified water
  • Alarms: informing about the replacement of the mechanical filter, ion exchange module • Preview of service dates,
  • Water supply pressure gauge
  • Second class of purity according to PN-EN ISO 3696:1999

Model Sediment prefilter 5μm Module A2 Module H6 Sediment-carbon filter Mixed ion exchange bed
Basic 5 + + + - -
Basic 10 - - - + +
Basic 15 - - - + +
Basic 25 - - - + +
Work time 6 months* 6 months* 6 months* 6 months* 6 months*
Cat no EO-005-10 EO-MA-12 EJ-5000-0 EO-011-10 EJ-001-0

* the life of the cartridge may change depending on the flow rate, its characteristics and the level and type of contamination of tap water.

** the volume of treated water depends on the quality of the feed water, the maximum amount of dissolved salts in the feed water - 1200 mg/l

Model Dimensions
Basic 5 235 x 440 x 510 mm
Basic 10 270 x 470 x 570 mm
Basic 15 250 x 310 x 1120 mm
Basic 25 250 x 310 x 1320 mm

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