Laminar Flow Hoods with Vertical Airflow Mini V/PCR

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  • Highest Product Protection
  • Workspace compliant with ISO 14644-1 (Class 3)
  • Airflow speed sensor
  • Full side windows
  • Large working area
  • Digital controller with a large LCD display
  • Alarm LEDs

The Mini V/PCR laminar flow hood by Telstar is characterized by high quality, low noise levels, and an ergonomic design. It offers a high level of product safety and the free laminar airflow during the processing of products that require a large, open workspace. Thanks to its stainless steel workbench and spacious work area, Telstar hoods provide optimal working conditions with minimal energy consumption.

The Telstar Mini V/PCR laminar flow hood is a compact device suitable for placement in any laboratory. It ensures ISO 3 air quality to protect the product and comes standard with a UV lamp for breaking down oligonucleotides to prevent contamination during PCR.

The Telstar Mini V/PCR series includes high-quality benchtop laminar flow hoods for handling non-hazardous materials that require a particle-free environment. These hoods offer high product protection.

Laminar flow hoods Mini V/PCR with vertical airflow have been specially designed for work in hospitals, pharmacies, IVF centers, food control, in vitro horticulture, as well as in electronics, optics, micromechanics, and the plastics industry. These systems enable work in sterile and particle-free conditions by continuously flushing the workspace with unidirectional vertically filtered airflow. The internal overpressure prevents contaminated air from entering the workspace. The Telstar Mini V/PCR comes equipped with a built-in UV light with a timer, which is especially useful in the PCR process for denaturing oligonucleotide contaminants.

The Mini V/PCR laminar flow hood is designed and manufactured to provide a workspace that meets the ISO 14644-1 (Class 4) and GMP Annex 1 (Class A) requirements.

High-Quality Components: Mini V/PCR hoods are made of resin-coated steel and have a polished AISI-304 stainless steel work surface. The HEPA H14 filter provides 99.999% efficiency for particles > 0.3 microns and is easily replaceable. The Mini V/PCR is equipped with a G3 pre-filter.

User-Friendly and Clear Control Panel: An intuitive electronic control system offers quick and full control over hood functions. The alphanumeric LCD display shows airflow speed, UV timer, total operating time for the hood and UV light. The control panel includes LED buttons for turning the light and UV light on/off and an LED filter clogging alarm.

Environmentally Friendly: The Mini V/PCR hoods have very low energy consumption achieved through the use of EC motors, LED lighting, and standby mode. The G3 pre-filter prevents dust, dirt, and particles from entering the HEPA filter, greatly extending its lifespan.

Flexibility: A wide range of optional accessories and features are available to customize the laminar flow hood to specific needs.


  • Laminar flow hoods with vertical airflow (air is drawn from the surroundings through a G3 pre-filter by a motor blower and pushed through a HEPA filter to create horizontal laminar airflow over the work surface).
  • Manufactured in compliance with ISO 14644-1 Class 3
  • Provides product safety
  • Continuously monitors airflow speed with an anemometric sensor

Standard Equipment:

  • G3 pre-filter to prevent dust, dirt, and particles from reaching the HEPA filter, significantly extending the HEPA H14 filter's lifespan; its efficiency complies with EN779.
  • HEPA H14 main filter with 99.995% efficiency, compliant with EN1822 MPPS method (99.999% D.O.P. test with 0.3μm particles), protected by a laminar screen ensuring even airflow.
  • LED lighting for uniform illumination of the chamber and to prevent eye fatigue.
  • One electrical socket 230V, 50 Hz.
  • EC motor fan.
  • Stainless steel workbench.

Optional Equipment:

  • Gas valve
  • Vacuum valve
  • Oxygen valve
  • Inert gas valve
  • Compressed air valve
  • Water valve
  • Airspeed monitoring sensor
  • Folding front doors
  • Burner

Model Dimensions Scale
Laminar Flow Hoods with Vertical Airflow Mini V/PCR - 1638490 W670 x D520 x H1125 mm 70 kg