BioVanguard II safety class laminar flow cabinets with manual or automatic front window movement

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  • Ensuring product, operator, and environmental safety
  • Application: biological agents such as allergens, bacteria, and viruses including SARS-CoV
  • 30% exhaust air and 70% recirculated air
  • Innovative front window, manually or automatically movable
  • Solid sides of the cabinet
  • Large working area
  • ECO mode
  • Wide, ergonomic, V-shaped armrest
  • Window inclined at a 7° angle to the work surface
  • Front window sealed with silicone gasket

BIOVANGUARD laminar flow cabinets are safety class II cabinets designed according to the highest standards of safety, ergonomics, energy efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness in their class. The cabinet ensures safety for the product, operator, and the environment.


The cabinets comply with the EN 12469 standard.

Air cleanliness complies with ISO 5: ISO 14644-1.

They have a very large working area in an elegant, compact housing. The standard version of the workbench is single-piece, seamless, and allows for the containment of spilled liquids of 2-3 liters in volume. The workbench and cabinet surfaces are made of the highest quality stainless steel. Beneath the workbench, there is a high-capacity stainless steel drip tray that collects spilled liquids up to 1.5 liters (according to EN 12469), preventing liquids from entering areas that are difficult to clean.

A rubber seal between the working area and the front sash ensures airtightness and gas tightness of the working chamber. Additional connectors can be installed for gas decontamination.

Another advantage is the raised, rounded, corrosion-resistant patented V-shaped armrest integrated with the air inlet grilles, which prevents blockage of the openings through which air is drawn in.

The front window of the cabinet is made of 8 mm thick, double-layered, safe anti-reflective glass. Inclined at a 7° angle, it can be manually opened up to a working height of 200 mm, significantly improving ergonomics and working comfort. A silicone gasket is mounted around the front window, ensuring a tight seal. The applied tempered glass is impermeable to UV radiation.

BioVanguard is equipped with a manual front panel opening mechanism that allows full access to the workspace, for example, to insert larger objects or for thorough cleaning.

The parameters of operation are controlled by an installed microprocessor controller. The color LCD display with touch buttons is ideal for working with gloves, and the material from which the panel is made is resistant to disinfectants.

Green light indicates safe operation mode.

Red light indicates an alarm (visual and auditory) for:

  • Laminar flow (too high/too low)
  • Inflow (too high/too low)
  • Window (out of the working position)
  • Mode switch (on/off)*
  • Standby mode switch (on/off)
  • UV light switch (on/off)*
  • LED light switch (on/off)
  • Power outlet switch (on/off)*
  • Gas valve switch (on/off)
  • Language selection: English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch
  • Real-time clock
  • Total operating time for the fan, LED, UV
  • PIN code to prevent unauthorized use
  • RS 232 and RS 485 connection
  • Potential-free contacts for alarm transmission to the building management system
  • Potential-free contacts that can be used for external system activation, e.g., additional exhaust/ventilation system.

The gas is activated when the chamber indicates a safe operating mode. If the chamber is turned off or shows an alarm, the gas will be automatically turned off.

UV light safety control: the LED light will automatically turn off when the UV light is activated.

Two microprocessors (failure-resistant synchronization).

The innovative, unique, and patented 4F system allows for the replacement of the filter, which is easily accessible from the front of the cabinet using a unique quick tensioning/untensioning device, reducing the filter replacement time to five minutes. All spare parts are easily accessible from the front of the cabinet.

The cabinet control system is equipped with visual and auditory alarms that appear when the desired cabinet operating parameters deviate, such as airflow, incorrect front sash position, etc.

The control panel is password-protected, which can be changed as needed. The password prevents accidental cabinet shutdown and limits access to settings.

BioVanguard has an active filter usage monitoring system (filter clogging level), and the system increases the air supply as the filters are used up.

Automatic filter clogging compensation: the microprocessor automatically increases the fan speed to compensate for filter clogging, ensuring the flow at the set point, providing maximum product and operator protection.

The pre-filter prevents dust, dirt, and particles from entering the cabinet's interior, increasing the life of the HEPA filters and providing maximum decontamination efficiency.

BioVanguard laminar flow cabinets are equipped with a 30/70 air recirculation system, meaning 30% of the air is exhausted, while 70% of the air is recirculated.

The installed UV lamp will automatically turn off when the front window is opened. The UV lamp operation can be programmed using a timer. The UV lamp can only be activated when the front window is correctly closed.

Ergonomic LED lighting is placed outside the working chamber. This does not disrupt the laminar flow and does not create uncomfortable shadows, making cleaning easier.

The cabinet's exterior housing is made of powder-coated steel and is coated with an antibacterial coating.

The laminar flow speed can be set according to GMP (0.45 m/s). Two analog 4-20 mA connectors are also available for particle counting, pressure sensing, temperature, and humidity sensing. The data from these sensors are visible on the display. A GMP-compliant frame is also available as an option.

Standard configuration:

The BioVanguard series is equipped with:

  • External housing made of steel with epoxy coating
  • Interior made of stainless steel
  • Single-piece stainless steel workbench
  • Pre-filter and drip tray
  • 2 x electrical outlets

The BioVanguard series is available with either manual or automatic front window movement.


BioVanguard 3

BioVanguard 4

BioVanguard 5

BioVanguard 6


External dimensions






Internal dimensions






Height with base






Hole size












Laminar air flow speed






Energy consumption













230 / 50

230 / 50

230 / 50

230 / 50

V / Hz


Model Dimensions
BioVanguard 3 laminar chamber S1072xG787xW1602 mm
BioVanguard 4 laminar chamber S1374xG787xW1602 mm
BioVanguard 5 laminar chamber S1679xG787xW1602 mm
BioVanguard 6 laminar chamber S1984xG787xW1602 mm