Bio II Advance Plus II safety class laminar chambers with manual front window sliding

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  • Ensuring safety for products, operators, and the environment.
  • Application: Handling biological agents such as allergens, bacteria, and viruses, including SARS-CoV.
  • 30% exhaust air and 70% recirculated air.
  • Innovative manually sliding front window.
  • Glass sides of the cabinet.
  • Spacious working area.
  • ECO mode.
  • Innovative and unique 4F system.
  • Wide, ergonomic armrest in the shape of the letter "V."
  • Front window tilted at a 10° angle.
  • Front window with a silicone seal for a tight fit.

BIO II ADVANCE PLUS are Class II safety laminar chambers designed in accordance with the highest safety, ergonomics, energy efficiency, reliability, and ease of use standards in their class. The chamber ensures safety for the product, operator, and the environment.

The chamber complies with standards/directives: EN 12469, EN 12950, DIN 12950, DIN 12980, EN 61010. Air cleanliness complies with ISO 4: ISO 14644-1. They have a very large workspace in an elegant, compact housing. The standard version of the worktop is divided, allowing parts of the worktop to be sterilized in an autoclave. The worktop and chamber surface are made of the highest quality AISI 304L stainless steel. Under the worktop, there is a large-capacity drip tray, also made of the same stainless steel as the worktop. The sides of the chamber are made of tempered glass, which further illuminates the chamber's interior. Two openings for additional connections such as gas, cables, hoses, etc., have been made on each side of the chamber. The tempered glass used is impermeable to UV radiation.

An additional advantage is the elevated, rounded, corrosion-resistant, patented V-shaped armrest integrated with air intake grilles, which protects against blockage of the openings through which air is sucked in at the inlet. The armrest is detachable.

The front window of the chamber is made of safe anti-reflective glass. Inclined at an angle of 10°, it can be manually opened up to a working height of 200 mm, significantly improving ergonomics and work comfort. A silicone seal ensuring tightness is mounted around the front window.

Bio II Advance Plus is equipped with a manual mechanism for opening the front panel, allowing full access to the workspace, e.g., for inserting larger objects or for thorough chamber cleaning.

The parameters of operation are controlled by an installed microprocessor controller. A color LCD display with touch buttons is an ideal solution for working in gloves, and the material from which the panel is made is resistant to disinfectants. The display is installed at an angle, displaying current values for laminar, exhaust, and inlet airspeed, information about the frequency of integrity filter tests, the lifespan of the UV lamp, filter lifespan, the total number of hours of operation for the laminar chamber, fan(s), UV lamp, filters, and information about the last service inspection.

The display is additionally equipped with color codes. Seeing a specific color on the display allows the user to assess the chamber's status: green means safe status, red indicates improper operation, and yellow indicates decontamination status.

The control panel allows for turning LED lights on/off, cutting off power to electrical outlets, activating/deactivating the gas solenoid valve. LED lights are installed outside the chamber's workspace, providing uniform chamber illumination and preventing eye strain.

The chamber controller is equipped with visual and auditory alarms that appear when deviations from the desired chamber operation parameters occur, such as airflow rates or incorrect front window position, etc.

The control panel is password-protected and can be changed as needed. The password protects against accidental chamber shutdown and restricts access to settings.

Bio II Advance Plus has active monitoring of filter consumption (filter clogging level), and the system increases the supply of air as the filters are consumed. Users can check the filter consumption level displayed as a percentage on the screen.

Bio II Advance Plus laminar chambers are equipped with an air recirculation system at a 30/70 ratio, meaning that 30% of the air is exhausted while 70% is recirculated.

The ECO mode (stand-by) allows reducing the fan's performance to protect personnel and the product during chamber non-use and save energy.

The decontamination mode can be performed using a UV lamp or using formic aldehyde (formaldehyde). The latter decontamination method is possible using a formalin vaporizer (the vaporizer is an additional option).

The installed UV lamp automatically turns off when the front window is opened. The UV lamp's operation can be programmed using the timer function. The UV lamp can only be started when the front window is properly closed.

The chamber housing is made of powder-coated steel.

Standard Equipment:

  • Two HEPA 14 filters: main filter and exhaust filter, compliant with EN 1822: efficiency 99.995% MPPS and 99.999% DOP, providing air cleanliness: ISO 4 according to ISO 14644-11: 353 particles > or = 0.5µm/m3; 10000 particles > or = 0.1 µm/m3
  • 4F (fast, friendly & efficient) system
  • Built-in anemometric probe
  • Two 230V, 50Hz electrical outlets
  • Fan(s) with EC motors
  • 4 openings in the chamber's side walls
  • Stainless steel worktop, divided
  • UV lamp with programmable operating time
  • LED lighting

Optional Equipment:

  • Frame for the chamber made of powder-coated steel with epoxy paint on legs with a height of 770 mm and leveling capability.
  • Frame for the chamber made of powder-coated steel with epoxy paint on legs with a height of 900 mm and leveling capability.
  • Set of casters for the frame
  • Gas valve
  • Vacuum valve
  • Oxygen valve
  • Inert gas valve
  • Compressed air valve
  • Water valve
  • Microbiological burners
  • Formalin vaporizer
  • Formalin vaporizer with VAP 3/T neutralization system
  • External fan
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Additional exhaust filter
  • VHP decontamination kit
  • Single-piece stainless steel worktop
  • FAT and SAT documentation
  • IQ and OQ documentation



Bio II Advance 3 Plus

Bio II Advance 4 Plus

Bio II Advance 6 Plus

External dimensions

W1049xD764xH1260 mm

W1354xD764xH1260 mm

W1964xD764xH1260 mm

Internal dimensions

W954xD602xH580 mm

W1259xD602xH580 mm

W1869xD602xH580 mm


180 kg

200 kg

280 kg

Laminar flow

0.35 m/s (669 m3/h)

0.35 m/s (882 m3/h)

0.35 (1310 m3/h)

Inlet air velocity

0.55 m/s (295 m3/h)

0.55 m/s (402 m3/h)

0.5 m/s (564 m3/h)


125 W

125 W

338 W

Power supply

230 V

230 V

230 V


50/60 Hz

50/60 Hz

50/60 Hz


1000 lux

1000 lux

1000 lux

Noise level

< 58 dBA

< 55 dBA

< 55 dBA

Hepa filter




Air quality

ISO 4 in accordance with ISO CD 14644-1: 353 particles. ≥ 0.5 μm/m3 ; 10000 particles. ≥ 0.1 μm/m3

Model Dimensions Power
Bio II Advance 3 Plus laminar flow cabinet cat: 1694321 W1049xD764xH1260 mm 1.2 kW
Bio II Advance 4 Plus laminar flow cabinet cat: 1607686 W1354xD764xH1260 mm 1.3 kW
Bio II Advance 6 Plus laminar flow cabinet cat:1643632 W1964xD764xH1260 mm 1.8 kW