Magnetic stirrer RSM series

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  • Typical magnetic stirrer with modern design
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Robust metal housing
  • High mixing power

The series offers ideal products for routine laboratory work. The user can choose a digital or analog version.

Both versions are also available with a hotplate, stainless steel surface or enamel surface.

Technical data of available models:

Dane techniczne RSM-01 S RSM-10B RSM-03-10 RSM-03-16K
Voltage 200-240 V
Power 30 W 15 W 20 W
Max. mixing volume 20 l 3 l 0,4 l
Plate diameter 135 mm 85 mm
Plate stainless steel ABS stainless steel with silicone coating
RPM 0-1500 100-1500 0-1100
Speed control analog digital analog analog
Dimensions 280x160x85mm 155x215x75 182x55265 380x552x65 mm
IP protection IP 42 IP 41 IP 42
Weight 2,8 kg 0,9 kg 3,2 kg 6 kg


Model Max vol. work [l] Rotational speed [rpm] Other
RSM-01 S 20 0-1500 Plate diameter 135 mm
RSM-10 B 3 100-1500 Plate diameter 135 mm
RSM-03-10 0,4 100-1500 Plate diameter 85 mm
RSM-03-16 K 0,4 0-1100 Plate diameter 85 mm