Magnetic stirrers M series

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  • Magnetic stirrer without heating
  • Infinitely variable speed control

Magnetic stirrers are modern devices designed for preparing solutions of solids and mixing liquids. They are used in laboratories, wherever there is a need for intensive mixing of liquids. Unlike motorized stirrers, non-motorized stirrers are characterized by the ability to operate at very low speeds, which makes them very useful for titration and dissolution of easily volatilized reagents.


Technical data of available models:

Technical data M-2 M-5 M-15 M-20.20 M-30.30
Max. mixing volume 1 l 10 l 10 l 50 l 100 l
Plate dimensions 75x130 mm 140x155 mm 135x155 mm 200x245 mm 300x310 mm
Plate polipropylene CRES
RPM 500 rpm 60-1600 rpm 60-1600 rpm 100-1100 rpm 100-1100 rpm
Speed control constant speed smooth smooth smooth smooth


Model Max vol. work [l] Rotational speed [rpm] Dimensions
M-2 1l 500 plate 75x130 mm
M-5 10 60-1600 plate 140x155 mm
M-15 10 60-1600 plate 135x155 mm
M-20.20 50 100-1100 plate 200x245 mm
M-30.30 100 100-1100 plate 300x310 mm