Mini magnetic stirrer MYPLATE

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  • Small mixing volume
  • High chemical resistance
  • Digital speed indicator
The myPlate series combines the excellent technical features of the popular and proven Colour squid and Big squid magnetic stirrers with creative customization.

Design the myPlate IKA work plate yourself.
You get a device with a decorative picture that can be easily replaced with a convenient interchangeable frame. Some people keep family photos on their desk - you can turn one of the best magnetic stirrers you use in your daily lab work into a place to display your favorite photos.

Proven functionality
In addition to mixing samples with the IKA myPlate on a creative surface, you get all the good features of this powerful stirrer that IKA has accustomed you to.


- High level of chemical resistance
- Electronically controlled motor
- Digital speed indicator
- Speed range: from 100 to 2500 rpm.

Technical data MYPLATE
Mixing volume 1,5 l
RPM 0-2500 rpm
Direction of rotation left
Dimensions 152 x 30 x 164 mm
Protection class in accordance with DIN EN 60529 IP 54
Work plate glass
Dimensions of work plate Ø 135 mm
Display +
Model Description
MYPLATE 1,5 l mixing volume

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