Electrostatic chair Sintec

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  • Five-armed base
  • High stability
  • Electrostatic charge dissipation

The ESD chair features seat and back adjustment levers made of conductive plastic (Rg < 106 Ω). Conductive quick-change upholstery means you can create these ESD chairs according to your needs. The chair has a five-armed base made of a flattened steel tube coated with epoxy resin. This ensures high stability and reliable dissipation of electrostatic charge. All chairs are supplied with a black frame.

  • Adjustable backrest
  • Backrest and seat angle adjustment
  • Synchronous mechanism that adapts to the user's weight
Model Other
Nazwa Seat height adjustment [mm]
S ESD 2 430 - 580
S ESD 3 580 - 850