Laboratory chair ESD Basic

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  • ESD Basic 2 with casters
  • Pernament contact seat
  • Backrest height: 470 - 610 mm
  • Height regulated backrest
  • Steel base

ESD Basic is a relatively low-cost ESD model from Bimos that provides excellent value for its price. Egonomic design, a high standard of user comfort and a reliable ESD protection system ensure discharge resistance in accordance with EN 61340-5. The model has all the basic features of a high-performance work chair designed specifically for the electronics industry.

Characteristics of the Bimos ESD protection system:

- Conductive, comfortable upholstery (choice of fabric or synthetic leather)
- Whole-piece discharge system ensures reliable discharge
- Five conductive wheels / conductive sliders
- Volume conductive plastics
- Steel components with conductive coating

Design and materials
ESD Basic has conductive covers. It has a sturdy frame with five legs and flat lines, which is made of segmented steel tubes coated with epoxy resin and provides good stability. The frame is available in black or light gray.

Chair functions:

Technical data ESD Basic 1 ESD Basic 2 ESD Basic 3
Seat height adjustment range 470 do 610 mm 470 do 610 mm  620 do 870 mm
Finis Sliders Casters Sliders and footrest
Backrest height 430 mm 430 mm 430 mm
Seat width 460 mm 460 mm 460 mm

Model Description
ESD Basic 1 sliders
ESD Basic 2 casters
ESD Basic 3 sliders and footrest

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