Laboratory chair Cleanroom Plus

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  • Fixed contact backrest
  • Seat height 630 - 890 mm
  • Backrest adjustable in height
  • Polished aluminum base
  • Light gray
  • Disinfectant resistant and GMP compliant
  • Suitable for clean rooms in air purity class 3, according to EN ISO 14644-1
  • Conductive according to EN 61340-5-1.
Highly comfortable solution for permanent cleanrooms
Our Cleanroom Plus chairs are the flagship product of our cleanroom solutions. They offer superior cleanroom features and come with an excellent electrostatic discharge system. What's more, these chairs can't fail to impress with their excellent ergonomic design and luxurious comfort levels. As such, Cleanroom Plus not only meets the technical requirements, but also meets the demands and expectations of those who work in cleanrooms on a daily basis.

The Fraunhofer IPA seal of approval confirms that Cleanroom Plus chairs are suitable for use in cleanrooms in accordance with the following standards:
  • Air purity classification 3 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1
  • Air purity classification 1 according to U.S. Fed. St. 209 E.
  • Provisions of the EU GMP guidelines
  • Electrostatic discharge measures in accordance with EN 61340-5-1

Design and materials
In Cleanroom Plus, the seats and backrests are made of sheet steel and provide optimal protection against particle emissions. The metal elements have a conductive coating, and the plastic elements are conductive in volume. All these elements are light gray. The synthetic leather covering, which is also conductive, has non-slip properties and provides a firm grip, even when the user is wearing smooth cleanroom clothing.


Technical date Cleanroom Plus 2 
Cleanroom Plus 2
Cleanroom Plus 3
Backrest height 380 mm 500 mm 380 mm
Seating height 440 - 565 mm 440 - 565 mm 630 - 890 mm
Model Description
Cleanroom Plus 2  9181-2571 casters
Cleanroom Plus 2 9161-2571 casters
Cleanroom Plus 3 9183-2571 sliders and footrest

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