Laboratory chair ESD Unitec

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  • ESD Unitec 2 with casters
  • Pernament contact seat
  • Seat height: 440-590 mm
  • Backrest of regulated height
  • Steel base
If you're looking for an inexpensive, entry-level model for use in SD areas, the Unitec ESD is a simple but robust option. It offers all standard features and can be easily customized by the user. The ESD Unitec is ideal for workplace situations that require standing up and sitting down. The Unitec has a generously proportioned seat and high back.

Comprehensive discharge capabilities are not required in many areas. That's why ESD Unitec does not include the conductive plastic and conductive coated steel components found in our other ESD models. Nevertheless, there is absolutely no compromise on how the upholstery directs static electricity to the conductive base.

Characteristics of standard security system ESD Bimos:
    • Conductive, comfortable upholstery (choice of fabric or synthetic leather)
    • Five conductive wheels / conductive glides
    • Continuous conductive connection from upholstery to wheels / sliders

Technical data ESD Unitec 1  ESD Unitec 2 ESD Unitec 3
Finish Sliders Casters Sliders and footrest
Height of a seat 440-590 440-590 440-590
Width of a seat 460 460 460
Height of a backrest 460 460 460
Model Description
ESD Unitec 1 Sliders
ESD Unitec 2 casters
ESD Unitec 3 sliders and a footrest

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