Laboratory chairs ESD Sintec

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  • ESD Sintec 2 with casters,
  • Fixed contact backrest
  • Seat height 430-580 mm
  • Replaceable upholstery elements
  • Height-adjustable backrest
  • Steel base
The ESD Sintec is equipped with seats and backs made of conductive plastic. Conductive upholstery means you can customize this ESD chair to get the look you want. The chair has a sturdy five-star base frame with flat lines, which is made of segmented steel tubing. This provides excellent stability, as well as highly reliable electrostatic discharge. All ESD Sintec models are supplied with a black frame.

ESD Sintec features excellent electrostatic discharge protection properties for maximum reliability: It is manufactured using volume conductive materials and has conductive surfaces. Its superior ergonomic design and customized features make it the ideal chair for any workplace. ESD Sintec combines excellent support for workplace tasks with a high level of comfort. The backrest tapers upward to provide more room to move your hands.

ESD Sintec's interchangeable upholstery components provide maximum flexibility. It is the combination of all these factors that makes ESD Sintec our best-selling ESD chair.

Sintec characteristics:
  • Conductive upholstery with high comfort (choice of fabric, synthetic leather or integrated foam)
  • Reliable discharge system
  • Five conductive wheels / conductive glides
  • Volumetrically conductive plastics
  • Steel parts with conductive coating

Dane techniczne ESD Sintec 1 ESD Sintec 2 ESD Sintec 3
Finish Sliders Casters Sliders and a footrest
Height of a seat 430-580 430-580 430-580
Width of a seat 480 480 480
Height of a backrest 420 420 420
Model Description
ESD Sintec 1 Sliders
ESD Sintec 2 Casters
ESD Sintec 3 Sliders and a footrest

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