Laboratory stools

  • Laboratory stool TPU

    Laboratory stool TPU

    Producer: Lenmet

    Nr CAT:

    Height adjustment: 42-55 cm,  42 - 55 cm , 56 - 69 cm , 55 - 80 cm

  • Laboratory stool GOLIAT

    Laboratory stool GOLIAT

    Producer: Goliat

    Nr CAT:

    Dimensions: 52-78.5 cm (siedzisko)

    Other: legs-NO, legs-YES

  • Laboratory stool ESD Stool

    Laboratory stool ESD Stool

    Producer: Bimos

    Nr CAT:

    Description: sliders or casters, rubber thread


Laboratory stool is a mobile laboratory equipment to work safely. The rotating system guarantees easy rearrangement and functionality of use. Profiled seats are made of material that does not absorb water, and are resistant to harmful chemical agents. Some models are certified for strength testing. Laboratory stools can also be used as retrofitting of workstations in laboratories, workshops, production halls and warehouses. Our offer includes laboratory stools with adjustable seat and with or without footrest.