Laboratory stool TPU

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  • Five-star base on wheels for hard surfaces (don't damage the surface)
  • Adjustable seat height with pneumatic jack
  • Seat with a diameter of 33 cm made of integral polyurethane
  • Adjustable position of the backrest in relation to the seat
  • Resistant to: disinfectants, weak acids, bases and ultraviolet rays

Swivel laboratory stools with a smooth range of adjustment are used as retrofitting of workstations in laboratories, workshops, production halls, warehouses.
The round profiled seat is made of polyurethane, does not absorb water and is resistant to mechanical damage and harmful chemical agents.
The height of the seat can be smoothly adjusted with one lever according to the user's needs.
A five-star polyamide base finished with wheels for hard surfaces guarantees the stability of the stool.
The stools are certified for strength testing.

Available models compared:

Model Range of seat regulation [cm] Bases
TPU01-A1 42-55 polyamide, reinforced with glass fiber, casters for hard surfaces (non-destructive surface)
 TPU01-C1 Steel, chrome-plated, casters for hard surfaces (non-destructive)
TPU01-A2 56-69 polyamide, fiberglass reinforced, anti-slip legs, chrome footrest
TPU01-A3 55-80 polyamide, fiberglass reinforced, anti-slip legs, chrome-plated, adjustable footrest
TPU01-C3 steel, chrome-plated, anti-slip legs, chrome-plated, adjustable footrest


Model Height adjustment
TPU01-A1 42-55 cm
TPU01-C1  42 - 55 cm
TPU01-C1P 42 - 55 cm
TPU01-A2 56 - 69 cm
TPU01-A3 55 - 80 cm
TPU01-C3 55 - 80 cm
TPU01-C3P 55 - 80 cm

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