Laboratory stool ESD Stool

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  • Fiber
  • Synthetic ESD 2 stool with wheels
  • Easy ring control
  • Seat height 460 - 630 mm
  • Steel base
Busy assistants

Some tasks in ESD areas require elevated sitting positions or require workers to stand for long periods of time or alternate between standing and sitting. As a result, their bodies are often subjected to tremendous physical stress. Bimos has the answer to these requirements: stools and footrests suitable for ESD areas that relieve stress on the body and alleviate physical stress.

Functions of a stool and a footrest :

Models  ESD stool  ESD Footrest
Technical data With conductive fabric or synthetic leather. Conductive wheels or glides Height regulation range: od 100 do 340 mm.
Tilt regulation range: od 8 ° do 25°
Conductive rubber tread
Model Description
ESD stool sliders or casters
ESD footrest rubber thread

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