Foam for sensitive surfaces

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  • High biocidal effectiveness.
  • Short duration of action- 15 min.. 
  • Does not run off vertical surfaces.
  • Good material compatibility.
  • Pleasant mint fragrance.

High biocidal efficacy, combats bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses (HIV; HBV; Rotavirus) - extensive documentation confirming biocidal efficacy.

Good cleaning properties and high material compatibility. Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting delicate surfaces and objects such as: upholstery of treatment chairs, operating tables, stands, operating lamps, incubators, countertops, desktops, outer casing of many medical devices.

The foam stays (does not run off) on vertical surfaces, making it possible to wash and disinfect these surfaces.

Model Description
Anios D.D.S.H. For delicate surfaces