Spectrometer 1836

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  • 1 minute lens: 160 mm
  • Silica glass prism
  • Base length 33 mm
  • Height 22 mm

Spectrometer is a device for accurate measurement of optical data using a prism. It is also used for qualitative examination and measurement of emission and absorption spectra.

Technical specification:

  • Observation tube- With a combination of simple and delicate drives, infinite variety, cross thread, vernier, 1 minute objective: 160 mm
  • Prism- Silica glass (60oC): Angular dispersion C= 2°
  • Scale tube - Symmetrical, precision reinforced steel slit, eyepiece: 18 mm / 160 mm
Model Dimensions Prism
1836 33 x 22 mm Silica glass

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