Gemmological spectroscopes

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  • Adjustable wavelength scale
  • Amici prism
  • Scale illumination adapter
  • Adapter plate
  • Movable slot
  • Linear dispersion 60mm
  • Scale 400-750nm



KL 14-1504 and KL12-1504 are two series of adhesive spectroscopes used to analyze light passing through stone to confirm identification. This spectroscope has adjustable wavelength scales of fiber optic source and light intensity (no color changes). The Amici prism (5 prisms) provides a sharp spectrum, making faint lines easily visible. It has a built-in adapter for illuminating the balance and an adapter plate for the light source and integral polarizer. The KL12-1504 model additionally comes with a spectroscope holder, polarizer and analyzer.

Technical parameters include:
- CF = angle dispersion 7 °
- illumination of cold light source (8 v, 20 w)
- linear dispersion 60 mm
- automatic power switch (110-240 V).
- scale range 400-750 nm
- variable aperture


Model Description Power supply
KL 14-1504 CF = angle dispersion 7 ° Automatically switchable 110-240 V power supply
KL 12-1504 CF = angle dispersion 7 ° N / A