Spectrometer SG 1800

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  • With cross eyepiece and vernier accurate to 1 angular minute
  • Flint glass prism
  • High quality collimator made of hardened steel with symmetrical precision slit
  • Extensive accessories
Spectral measuring instruments

The KRÜSS spectrometer meets the requirements for using optical data from prisms. It can also be used as a spectroscope for qualitative observation and measurement of emission and absorption spectra.


For precise determination of optical data of prisms

Krüss offers a spectrometer-goniometer model SG1800 for accurate measurement of optical data on prisms. From the measured values, the prism's interior angle or the refractive index of the material used can be determined. It can also be used as a spectroscope for qualitative studies and measurements of emission and absorption spectra.

Model SG1800
Observation tube infinite variety
Reading precision scale 1 angle min.
Prism Silica glass (60°)
Angle of dispersion C – F = 2°
Slot pipe Symmetrical precision slot in hardened steel
Optical axis height 0 – 20 mm
Appropriate sample height 5 – 50 mm
Focal length collimator 178 mm
Focal length telescope 178 mm
Aperture 32 mm
Input slot width 0 – 2 mm
Table of sample diameters 85,5 mm
Scale diameter 176 mm
Resolution 0°0'30”
Measurement accuracy ± 1'
Model Prism
SG 1800 Silica glass (60°)

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