PM 600 photometer

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  • Intuitive operation
  • Backlit display
  • Instruction manual in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Indonesian
  • Stores up to 1,000 results
The ultimate range of pool photometers for reliable pool water analysis

The PM 600 and PM 620 photometers can meet the needs of even the most demanding pool owners. The devices are equipped with 34 test methods and memory for up to 1,000 data sets. The PM 630 offers Bluetooth instead of infrared data transmission. Intuitive operation and a backlit display make this series particularly user-friendly.


  • Large memory capacity

The PM 600 series stores up to 1,000 data sets.

  • Modern technology

Infrared (PM 600 / PM 620) or Bluetooth® (PM 630) are available for data transmission. The PM 600 and PM 620 can be connected to a computer via a module, and the PM 630 can be connected to the AquaLX® application via Bluetooth®

  • All important parameters

From A (alkalinity-m) to H (hydrogen peroxide), the most important pool parameters are measured. Optionally, 10 (PM 600) or 34 parameters (PM 620 / PM 630) are available.

  • Illuminated display

Even in the dark, measurements can be taken. All devices have a backlit display for greater flexibility.

  • Flexibility

Choose from different dosage forms - tablet reagent, liquid indicator or powder reagent: with the PM 600 series, you can use all types of reagents.

Specifications PM 600 PM 620 PM 630
Optics LEDs, interference filters (IF) and photodetector in a transparent sample chamber
Accuracy of wavelength   ± 1
Photometric accuracy 2% FS (T = 20 °C – 25 °C)
Display graphic display
Fitting vials 24 mm round
Interfaces infrared infrared bluetooth
Power supply 4 batteries (Mignon AA/LR6)
Battery life approx. 26 hours
Auto shutdown YES
Type of meter stationary
Class of protection IP68
Dimensions 95 x 45 x 210 mm
Weight 450 g
Model Description
PM 600 13 parameters, Infrared
PM 620 35 parameters, infrared
PM 630 35 parameters, Bluetooth

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