Magnetic stirrers RH/ RH digital

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  • Strong magnetic field
  • Wide range of mixing speeds
  • Soft start of the agitator motor
  • RH digital- digital display
RH series is an economical magnetic mixer with a new design and heating function. The DIN 12878 connection enables the connection of an electronic contact thermometer, such as the ETS-D5. The sensor, which is directly immersed in the medium, allows very accurate temperature control. The high heating power (in the order of 600 W) and stainless steel heating plate guarantee rapid heating of samples. Safe temperature control in the range of 50-320°C. The RH digital series is a digital magnetic stirrer. It is equipped with an error code indicator. The series provides easy control via touch keypad.

Technical data:
Model RH basic RH basic 2 RH basic white RH digital RH digital white
Number of stations 1 1 1 1 1
Max. mixing volume per mixing station [L] (relative to H2O) 15 10 15 15 15
Heating power [W] 600 400 600 600 600
RPM range [rpm] 100-2000 100-2000 100-2000 100-2000 100-2000
Heating temperature range [°C] 50-320 50 - 320 50 - 320 50 - 320 50 - 320
Model Description Power
RH basic stainless steel, no display 600 W
RH basic white Technical enamel, no display 600 W
RH digital stainless steel, digital display 600 W
RH digital white technical enamel, digital display 600 W

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