Magnetic stirrers RET/RCT basic

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  • Motor with anti-stall protection
  • Flat, sturdy housing made of chemically insensitive materials
  • Stepless speed adjustment
  • Strong magnetic attraction

Extremely powerful magnetic stirrers designed to handle volumes of up to 150 liters as required. Working speed up to 2500 rpm. It is possible to purchase a stirrer with heating function, up to 500°C. Efficient magnetic attraction allows for faster and more effective mixing. Possibility to purchase stirrers for 15 vessels for synchronous mixing both with or without heating function, ensures more efficient work with more samples.

Technical data:

Model RET basic RCT basic
Number of stations 1 1
Max. mixing volume per mixing station [L] (relative to H2O) 20 20
Heating power [W] 600 600
RPM range [rpm] 50-1700 50-1700
Heating temperature range [°C] 50-340 50-340
Model Power
RET basic 600 W
RCT basic 600 W

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