Shaker for extreme conditions

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  • In extreme environments
  • Orbital motion
  • Remote controller
  • Speed from 15 to 500 rpm

OHAUS Thermal Shakers are designed for heating and cooling applications that require consistent and precise high-speed shaking with dependable temperature control from 17°C below ambient to 100°C. Temperature can be user-calibrated when precision is required. Customize applications with interchangeable blocks to accommodate tubes & microplates. Intuitive touchscreen allows the user to view all steps of the program while monitoring the progress.

Special features:

  • Unique design that enables superior speed control and ensures accuracy and durability even in the most extreme environmental conditions
  • Best-in-class max load ensures maximum incubator performance. With more than 50 accessories, the extreme environment shaker can be customized for your specific application
  • The unique Accu-Drive shaking system provides precise speed control, resulting in reproducible results.Triple eccentric drive ensures smooth, stable shaking throughout the speed range


  • Cell cultures, solubility assays, extractions, bacterial cultures, yeast suspensions and cultures, staining/decolorization, immunoassays, protein assays, labeling techniques
  • Independent speed/time LED displays allow both settings to be viewed simultaneously
  • Detachable power cable (included)
  • RS232 interface allows two-way communication for data logging and device control (digital models)
  • Cold-rolled steel (CRS) and stainless steel construction, external control module, thin ribbon cable (1.7 m) easily fits under the door or in the utility port of the incubator
  • Built-in tray (28 x 33 cm) and non-slip rubber mat (included)

Technical specification

Type of shaker Thermal shaker Thermal shaker with cooling
Control Touch screen
Movement Orbital, 3 mm
Speed range [rpm]  300 – 3000
Speed accuracy [%] ± 2
Temperature range [°C] from +4 above ambient temperature to 100 from +17 above ambient temperature to 100
Temperature accuracy [°C] +/- 1 between 20 - 45°C; 
+/- 2 above45°C
+/- 0,5 between 20 - 45°C 
+/- 2 below 20°C above 45°C
Heating rate [°C/min] 5
Cooling rate [°C/min]                                2 – 3 above ambient temperature,
                                   0,5 – 1,0 below ambient temperature
Max load single thermal block
Timer from 1 sec to 99 h and 59 min
Display LCD 10,9 cm color touch screen
Drive system brushless DC motor
Dimensions [L x W x H] [mm] 269 × 262 × 137
Power [W] 210
Catalog No 30392005 /30573848*   30391998/30573842*

*The heating block is not included for this model.

Model Temperature range [° C]
ISTHBLHTS from +4 above ambient temperature to 100
ISTHBLCTS from +17 above ambient temperature to 100

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