Light Duty Orbital Shakers

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  • For work with a load of up to 4 kg
  • Triple drive
  • Microprocessor-controlled stable shaking
  • Two speed ranges
  • Two sizes of shaking orbit

OHAUS' Light Duty shakers are designed to handle loads up to 4 kg. Two speed ranges are available, and two sizes of shaking orbit. The following models are offered:

  • a digital model designed for use with microplates,
  • two digital models designed for use with accessories
  • an economical non-digital model for everyday use.

All models are equipped with triple eccentric drives that guarantee stable microprocessor-controlled shaking, resulting in reliable shaking. They are perfect for, ELISA test preparation, cell culture, immunoassays, protein testing, bacterial and yeast culture, staining/decolorization, as well as labeling techniques or DNA testing.

Benefits of the device:

  • Designed to flexibly fit your applications - OHAUS Light Duty shakers come with a ready-to-use tray that can be customized with more than 20 easy-to-install accessories, and a removable mat.
  • A powerful and economical unit for everyday laboratory applications requiring shaking. The non-digital model offers reliable shaking over the entire speed range thanks to its rugged triple eccentric drive design.
  • The microplate shaker is designed to safely accommodate up to 4 microplates or well plates, or to allow for easy installation of 2 microtube racks. The unit slowly increases the speed to the desired value, which prevents the sample from spilling outside the vessel.

Device features:

Programs: ELISA tests, cell cultures, immunoassays, protein assays, bacterial and yeast cultures, staining/decolorization, labeling techniques, DNA testing,

Display: Clear and independent LED speed/time displays allow simultaneous viewing of all settings (digital models) and control of dials with applied graduations (analog models),

Power: Detachable power cable ( included),

Communication: N/A.

Construction: cast aluminum,

Design Features: A non-slip mat (29.9 x 22.2 cm) is included with all models except microplate shakers.

Optional accessories available for SHLD0403DG and SHLD0415DG, including: flask clamps, microtube rack, test tube rack, adjustable platform, universal harness, perforated mat, dilution dish tray.

Accessories for SHLD0415AL: 22×30 cm perforated mat.

Accessories for SHLDMP03DG: microtube rack (70 tubes per rack).

Technical specification:

Control Analog Digital
Orbital motion [mm] 15 3 15 -
Speed range [rpm]  40 - 300  100 - 1200 40 - 300  100 - 1200
Max load [kg] 3,6 4 microplates or 2 microplates racks
Timer N/A from 1 second to 160 hours
Drive system brushless DC motor; triple eccentricity
Tray dimensions
[L × W] [mm]
299 × 222 279 × 197
Power [W] 25
Catalog No 30391893 30391900 30391914 30391907
Model Control
SHLD0415AL Analog
SHLD0403DG Digital
SHLD0415DG Digital
SHLDMP03DG Digital

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