Orbital shaker S20/S26

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  • Universal shaker with orbital motion
  • Electronic speed regulation
  • Timer function

CAT S 26 – Universal shaker

This powerful orbital shaker is perfectly suited to shake separating funnels, Erlenmeyer flasks and culture bottles (250ml, 500ml and 1000ml). The microprocessor technology of this shaker provides data transfer via RS 232 interface for full computer control. A special indexing mechanism stops the shaking platform always in a certain position. The unit is driven by a brushless motor. These maintenance-free motors are designed for continuous operation.

CAT S 20 – Universal shaker

Universal shaker. Due to its 5 different shaking attachments this multi-use shaker covers a huge variety of shaking applications from Petri dishes to test tubes or even 1l Erlenmeyer flasks. Each accessory is sold separately, making the device versatile and adaptable to individual laboratory needs.

Technical data S20 S26
Speed [1/min] 100 - 1100 60 – 1100
Type of movement orbitral orbitral
Shaker orbit [mm] 3.0 3.0
Timer yes yes
Display no LCD
Interface  no RS232
Premissible load on the platform [kg] 3.0 1.5
Weight [kg] 4.1 6.9
Dimensions [W x D x H] [mm] 145 x 180 x 130 280 x 170 x 245

Model Other Rotational speed [rpm]
S20 Shaker orbit 3 mm 100-1100
S26 Shaker orbit 3 mm 60 – 1100

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