Thermostatic boxes COOL ICE CI series

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  • strudy, extendable handles - durable, ergonomic handles for easy transport
  • attachment points - built-in attachment points below the handles
  • solid construction - solid handles
  • every detail made of one piece of plastic
Passive refrigerator

The efficiency, lighweight passive refrigerator allows you to store ice for several days. Thick insulating foam insulation and a unique labyrinth seal ensure access to ice, no matter what the environment.

Passive refrigerators in the COOL ICE CI series are characterized by:
  • thick insulation and special seal for longer ice storage
  • ease of cleaning - large diameter drain plug
  • lightweight and conveient to carry thanks to durable and ergonomic handles
  • strong, jointless construction made of polyethylene approved for transporting fod products
  • design with partical attachment points below the handles and built-in hinges with stainless steel pins and durable rubber catches

Additional accessories such as baskets and compartments allow you to better organize the interior of the refrigerator. The unit is equipped with extremely effective insulation - it keeps products fresh for a very long time. Depending on weather conditions ans use - even for several days. Each detail of these containers is made of a single piece of impact-resistant plastic - it is adapted to the harshest conditions. The refrigerators have a layer of thick and durable insulating foam with a high class of cooling performance, along with a unique labyrinth seak, keeping cold air inside and keeping warm air out for a longer period of time. Such solution greatly increase the durability of the ice, even in the face of unfavorable outdoor temperatures.

COOL ICE CI series refrigerators are available with capacities: 43l, 56l, 71l, 87l, 86l (85W), 111l.

In addition, the COOL ICE CI 85W model has wheels and a pull-out handle.

Technical specification
Product description Passive refrigerator Passive refrigerator with wheels and pull-out handle Passive refrigerator
Dimensions D x H x W [mm] 418 x 355 x 640 515 x 432 x 570 515 x 432 x 690 525 x 432 x 840 535 x 442 x 1055
Net weight [kg] 8,7 10,6 11,8 14 14,6 18,10
Model Capacity Dimensions Scale
CI42 43l 418 x 355 x 640 (D x H x W) 8,7kg
CI55 56l 515 x 432 x 570 (D x H x W) 10,6kg
CI70 71l 515 x 432 x 690 (D x H x W) 11,8kg
CI85 87l 525 x 432 x 840 (D x H x W) 14kg
CI85W 86l 525 x 432 x 840 (D x H x W) 14,6kg
CI110 111l 535 x 442 x 1055 (D x H x W) 18,10kg