Thermostatic boxes CFX series

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  • Energu class A++
  • Electronic thermostat
  • Compressor cooling technology
  • Possibility of freezing to -22°C
  • CFX electronic thermostat with digital temperature display
  • Drain plugs for easy cleaning
  • USB charging connector
  • Quiet operation
  • Light and easy to transport

A portable thermostatic box allows you to transport products at temperatures down to 22°C.

Even at extremely high outdoor temperatures, CFX series refrigerators feature excellent cooling performance.

Very light and ergopomically shaped thermostatic boxes from the CFX series were created to make the transport of products requiring low temperatures easier. Thermostatic boxes have both cooling and freezing functions, and thanks to advanced compressor technology and additional thick insulation, they are exceptionally quiet and efficient.

Model Capacity Dimensions Scale
CFX 35 32 l 398 x 692 x 411 (D x H x W) 17.5 kg
CFX 40 38 l 398 x 461 x 692 (D x H x W) 18.5 kg
CFX 50 46 l 455 x 471 x 725 (D x H x W) 20.4 kg
CFX65 60 l 455 x 725 x 561 (D x H x W) 22.3 kg