Thermostatic boxes CDF2 series

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  • dimmable digital temperature display
  • energy-saving LED interior lighting
  • optimized interior compartment
  • seat belt attachment - for easy attachment inside the vehicle with dedicated straps or seat belts
  • recessed handle - elegant design, convenient carrying
  • removable lid and sturdy hinges - easy lid removal for convenient interior cleaning
  • quick access to the interior
  • textile handles for convenient carrying
  • equipped with practical connections to 12 or 24 volt DC power supply

Portable compressor refrigerator-freezer 31l

The CDF2 series provides efficiency - the refrigerator-freezer will allow you to store products at temperatures from +10°C to -15°C. It includes integrated components that allow you to securely fasten it in your vehicle with straps or seat belts. In addition, the recessed handles and compact design provide the user with convenient portability.


The CDF2 series is characterized by:

  • a total capacity of 31 liters - will fit 49 cans or five 1.5L bottles
  • compact design and easy storage
  • dimmable digital display and LED interior lighting
  • recessed handle for convenient carrying
  • easy attachment inside the vehicle thanks to integrated components
  • temperature control from +10°C to -15°C

Technical specification:

Technical specification
Model CDF2 36
Delivery includes 1 cooling device
1 instruction manual
1 DC power cord
1 strap
Single or double zone single
Product description Portable compressor refrigerator-freezer, 31l
Cooling technology Compressor
Dimensions D x H x W [mm] 562 x 398 x 339
Net weight [kg] 10,5
Total volume (IEC 62552-3) [l] 31
DC input voltage [V] 12 / 24
Nominal DC input power [W] 40
Hermetically sealed device Tak
Czynnik chłodniczy R134a
GWP 1430
Amount of refrigerant [g] 42
CO2 equivalent [t] 0,06
Climate class (EN62552) N
Insulation type PU (POLYURETHANE)
Color dark grey
Interior lighting Yes - LED
Drain plug No
Certificates UKCACEEMCGS

Model Capacity Temperature range [° C] Dimensions Scale
CDF2 36 31l -15 to 10 562 x 398 x 339 (D x H x W) 10,50kg