Thermostatic boxes CDF series

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  • very small dimensions
  • cooling and deep freezing compact
  • compact, lightweight compressor
  • built-in handles
  • 12 or 24 V DC
  • volume 18,7l
  • cooling and freezing from +10°C to -18°C

The light compressor technology and exceptionally flat design make the CDF series thermostatic boxes ideal for use as portable refrigeration devices.

Thermostatic boxes are high-quality cooling boxes with recorded temperatures. They are characterized by solid workmanship and reliable insulation. CDF series thermostatic boxes, like other models we offer, are characterized by exceptional energu efficiency. They cool and freeze at temperatures from +10°C to -18°C with minimal power consumption, regardless of the ambient temperaure. Our boxes also have a built-in handle.

Our offer also ncludes kits for mounting CDF series refrigerators in vehicles.

Technical specification
Model CDF18 Professional
Delivery includes 1 refrigerator
1 instruction manual
1 DC cabel
Single or double zone single
Product description Portable refrigerator
Cooling technology Compressor
Dimensions D x H x W [mm] 300 x 414 x 465
Net weight [kg] 9,69
Total volume (IEC 62552-3) [l] 18,7
DC input voltage [V] 12 / 24
Nominal DC input current [A] 3,5 / 12
1,94 / 24
Nominal DC input power [W] 42
Refrigerant R134a
GWP 1430
Amount of refrigerant 32
COequivalent 0,046
Climate class N / T
Insulation type PU (POLYURETHANE)
Hermetically sealed device yes
Colour dark gray
Drain plug no
Certificate GSCEE4


Model Capacity Temperature range [° C] Dimensions Scale
CDF 18 18,7 l +10 to -18 300 x 414 x 465 (D x H x W) 9,69 kg