Thermostatic boxes CF series

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  • Compact dimensions
  • Cooling and deep freezing from +10°C to -18°C
  • Easy transport
  • Light compressor
  • 12 or 24 V DC, 100-240V AC
  • Capacity 10.5l, 15l or 23l
Light and easy to use compressor refrigerators are characterized by an exceptionally ergonomic shape, which makes them easy to fit into any space. They are characterized by solid workmanship and reliable insulation.

Our boxes also have a built-in handle and digital thermometer. Our offer includes thermostatic boxes with capacities of 10.5 and 23 litres. Available boxes are in various sizes - please submit an inquiry.

Extremely energy-efficient. Regardless of the outside temperature, they cool or freeze products at temperatures down to -18°C with minimal electricity consumption.

Our offer also includes kits for mounting CF series refrigerators in vehicles.
Model Capacity Temperature range [° C] Dimensions Scale
CF 11 10,5 l +10 to -18 540 x 352 x 235 (D x W x H) 8,5
CF 16 15 l +10 to -18 550 x 367 x 260 mm ((D x W x H) 9,5 kg
CF 26 23 l +10 to -18 550 x 425 x 260 ((D x W x H) 10,5 kg