Thermometers for refrigerators

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  • Temperature range -50 to even 600oC
  • Accuracy 1 to 10 oC
  • Thermometric fluid toluene
  • Length of the immersion part up to 2000 mm
  • Steel/brass/acid resistant housing
The thermometer is designed for temperature control in refrigerators, refrigerated counters, coolers, freezers used for food storage. The thermometers are individually numbered and each has its own numbered Quality Control Certificate, which corresponds to sanitary regulations. The capillary of the thermometer is filled with toluene. A plastic cover effectively protects the capillary from breakage and from toluene leakage.

The offer is targeted at:

- stores,
- schools,
- kindergartens,
- restaurants,
- military,
- hospitals,
- all mass catering establishments.

Technical specification:

  • Temperature range-50 to 600 oC
  • Accuracy 1 to 10 oC
  • Thermometric fluid: toluene
  • Length of immersion part 50-2000 mm
  • Steel/brass/acid resistant housing


Model Temperature [° C]
Model 1 -50 to 600 oC