Tube thermometers

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  • Measurement range from -50 to as much as 360 oC
  • Permissible pitch 0.1-1 oC
  • Permissible length up to 420 mm
  • Thermometer liquid : mercury,toluene
Laboratory tube thermometers are designed for accurate temperature measurements, in which the calculation of the results takes into account the corrections of the indication of a given thermometer, determined during its checking. The laboratory glass thermometer is calibrated in degrees of the International Practical Temperature Scale, i.e. in degrees Celcius (°C). Thermometer glass used in the manufacture of laboratory thermometers, ensures the invariability of the metrological properties of the thermometers. Laboratory glass tube thermometers calibrated at full immersion.
Technical specification:
  • Selected measurement ranges: -50 do + 50oC , 0-100oC, 0-150oC, 0-200oC, 0-300oC, 0-360oC
  • Permissible elementary plot: 0.1oC  0,2oC, 0,5o C, 1,0oC
  • Total length L/mm/: 200,220,250,280,300,320,350,380,400,420
  • Thermometric liquid: mercury ,toluene, liquid
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Model Temperature [° C] Accuracy
Model 1 -50 to 360 oC 0,1-1 oC

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