Laboratory thermometers with replaceable ground

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  • Temperature range: from -60 to as much as 360°C
  • Accuracy: from 0.1 to 1°C
  • 3 types of grinding
  • Thermometric liquid: mercury, toluene
Laboratory thermometers with replaceable ground WS are designed for accurate temperature measurements, in which corrections determined during their checking are taken into account in indications. They are used for work in industrial laboratories, scientific laboratories, etc. Laboratory thermometers with exchangeable ground WS are calibrated in degrees of the International Practical Temperature Scale, i.e. in degrees Celcius (°C). The glass used for the manufacture of laboratory thermometers is carefully selected and prepared - it ensures the invariability of the thermometers' metrological properties. Ground laboratory thermometers calibrated at partial immersion.

Technical specification:

  • Temperature range: od -60 do 360°C
  • Acceptable plot: od 0,1 do 1°C
  • Thermometric liquid: mercury, toluene
  • Grinding type: 14,5/23, 12,5/22, 14,5/14

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Model Temperature [° C]
Model 1 -60 to 360oC