Moisture Analyzer MLS 50-3D

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  • Alibi memory
  • Temperature 40-160°C
  • 4 drying programmes
  • Illuminated display
  • Observation window
  • Memory for automatic sequence of 100 complete drying programmes
  • 100 users
  • 1000 drying processes carried out
  • 10 sample plates
  • RS232 interface
  • GLP

The MLS 50-3D moisture analyzer allows moisture measurement using 4 drying programmes to choose from. The instrument has a graphic, backlit display. In addition, the weighing dryer is equipped with an observation window above the sample, particularly useful during the initial set-up. The balance contains an automatic sequence memory of 100 complete drying programmes (92 drying programmes with optimised drying characteristics for rapid sample warm-up and therefore shorter drying times, pre-installed at the factory ), 100 users with associated permissions, 1000 drying processes carried out. The last measured value remains on the display until replaced by a new measurement. The set includes 10 sample plates.


Model Max load [g] Reading accuracy Temperature [° C]
MLS 50-3D 50 g 0,001 g 40-160 oC