Moisture Analyzer series MA 3Y

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  • LCD display
  • Extensive database
  • Drying programmes
  • Possibility to print or export BMP files
  • LevelSENSING system
  • High reading accuracy
  • Presentation of results ingraphical form
  • 1000 records for each data type

The moisture analyzer MA 3Y series is a laboratory measurement device for determining the relative humidity of samples of various materials. The device is equipped with a 5.7 LCD colour touchscreen display. This provides completely new possibilities for operation and presentation of measurement results. An advantage of the MA 3Y is its extensive database, including programmable drying programmes linked to the sample database. The user has the option to print or export to a BMP file the graphs presented on the balance display. Personalisation of the MA 3Y utilises the user profile function. Level control is provided by LevelSENSING - a special electronic level system. With standard and user-editable printouts, it is possible to create GLP/GMP-required documentation in virtually any area.

Key benefits of the MA 3Y weighing machines:

  • accuracy of humidity reading of 0.0001%
  • heating elements: halogen, IR radiator or metal sheathed heater,
  • presentation of results in graphical form, graph for Δm, %M, %D, %R,
  • drying profiles: standard, gentle, stepped, fast
  • end of drying process: AUTO 1-5, manual, defined, timed
  • drying programme database: ~1000 record for each data type, sample database
  • interface: 2x USB 2.0; 4IN / 4OUT; RS232; Ethernet 10/100Mbit

Model Max load [g] Accuracy Temp. Max [° C] Reading accuracy
MA 60.3Y 60 g 0,1 mg 160 °C 0,0001 % (humidity)
MA 200.3Y 200 g 1 mg 160 °C 0,001 % (humidity)