Moisture Analyzer DBS 60-3

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  • LCD display
  • Active heating profile
  • Halogen heater
  • Observation window
  • 10 sample plates
  • Shielded working protection
  • Calibration program CAL
  • RS232 interface
  • Mains power supply

The DBS 60-3 moisture analyzer is a moisture measuring device with 10 memories for drying programmes. It is equipped with a backlit LCD graphic display using 4 programmes. An active heating profile is enabled by a 400W quartz glass halogen heater. The unit also features an observation window above the sample, which is particularly useful during initial set-up. The internal memory for automatic start-up uses 10 drying programmes and 100 drying programmes already executed. The last measured value remains on the display until it is replaced by a new measurement. The kit includes 10 sample plates and the date and time are displayed on the monitor. The vagos dryer also has a protective working cover.

Model Max load [g] Accuracy Temperature [° C]
DBS 60-3 60 g 0,001 g 50-200 oC