Moisture Analyzer DAB100-3

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  • LCD display
  • Moisture measurement in %
  • Observation window
  • 15 complete drying processes
  • 50 sample plates
  • RS 232 interface
  • Main power supply
  • CAL calibration program

The DAB100-3 moisture analyzer is a device characterised by precision and reliability. It features a backlit LED display with five programmes. The instrument also measures the moisture content expressed in %. In addition, the vagosifier has an observation window above the sample, which is particularly useful during initial set-up. The internal memory for the automatic sequence includes 15 complete drying processes and five performed drying processes. The last measured value remains on the display until it is replaced by another measurement. The set includes 50 sample plates.


Model Max load [g] Accuracy Temperature [° C]
DAB100-3 50 g 0,001 g 35-160 oC