Moisture Analyzer MA X2A series

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  • Automatic opening and closing of the drying chamber
  • Colour display with touch panel
  • Modern interface
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Programmable display elements
  • Drying profiles
  • Completion of the drying process
  • Print-out GLP/GMP reports
  • Repeatable and customised applocations
  • Halogen lamps

The MA X2.A series of moisture analyzer are state-of-the-art devices for the rapid analysis of various samples in terms of moisture, dry matter content and other product-related parameters. The maximum load of the moisture analyzer ranges from 50 g /0.1 mg to 210 g /1 mg. The moisture content is measured with an accuracy of 0.01% (0.001% for samples above 1.5 g). The maximum drying temperature of the sample is 160°C (a weighing dryer with a maximum drying temperature of 250°C is an option). An additional element extending the functionality of the moisture analyzer machines is a special kit for testing water vapour permeability, used, among others, in the tanning industry when determining the hygienic properties of leather.

Model Max load [g] Accuracy Reading accuracy
MA 50/1.X2.A 50 g 0,1 mg 0,0001 % (humidity)
MA 50.X2.A 50 g 1 mg 0,001 % (humidity)
110.X2.A 110 g 1 mg 0,001 % (humidity)
200/1.X2.A 200 g 0,1 mg 0,0001 %(humidity)
MA 210.X2.A 210 g 1 mg 0,001 % (humidity)