TB 350

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  • Patented 90° BLAC multi-path technology
  • Superior accuracy at low and high turbidity
  • Guided and animated procedures on color touch screen
  • Available with infrared and white light sources
The TB 350 will be ideal for field and environmental testing. It provides the most reliable measurements for low and high range samples with unmatched accuracy across the range. New 90° BLAC® multi-path sensor technology makes it the best device on the market. Laboratory accuracy in a portable solution.


Technical data TB 350 WL TB 350 IR
Model WM-040-1001 WM-040-1004
Light source white LED LED IR 860 nm
Accuracy ± 1.8% of reading + scattered light ± 1.8% of reading + scattered light
Respond time 7 sek 7 sek
Display size 55 x 95 mm 55 x 95 mm
Interfaces USB-A i USB-C USB-A i USB-C
Dimensions 155 x 83 x 225 mm 155 x 83 x 225 mm
Weight 804 g 804 g
Model Description
TB 350 WL white LED
TB 350 IR LED IR 860 nm

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