Tellab pH Buffer

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  • Buffor solutions capacities: 500 ml, 1 litr, 5 litrów
  • Possibility to order individual solution capacity from 100 ml to 25 litres

A pH buffer is a solution whose pH does not change when small amounts of strong acids or bases are added, or when it is diluted with water. It is a mixture of a weak acid and a salt of that acid with a strong base, or a mixture of a weak base and a salt of that base with a strong acid. The offered pH Buffer in bottles ensures the maintenance of standards in laboratory work, and its properties are confirmed by certificates. Buffer solutions allow to maintain a constant reaction of solutions. They are used in the production of dyes, synthetic drugs, in fermentation processes, in printing and offset printing. Some types of buffers are used to control the pH of finished foods, cosmetics and medicines.

Types of buffers:

  • pH 2
  • pH 3
  • pH 4
  • pH 4- colorful
  • pH 5
  • pH 6
  • pH 7
  • pH 7 -colorful
  • pH 8
  • pH 9
  • pH 9 -colorful
  • pH 10
  • pH 10 -colorful
  • pH 11
  • pH 12

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Model Parameter
Model 1 2-12 pH

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